Calling all Medical Musicians

SING, PLAY AND TRAVEL! Medical Musical Group (MMG), the largest medical musical group in America (and possibly the world), is recruiting new members for its chorus and symphony orchestra. If you are a good singer or play well a musical instrument, you may apply. Professionals and volunteers from all healthcare centers and schools, their families and friends may qualify both as performers or companions. MMG's mission is to perform Music with a Message a message of healing, hope, inspiration, national unity, patriotism, and international brotherhood and sisterhood.

MMG's 2018 program includes a Spirit of 45 Concert in Alexandra Virginia on  November August 12, 2018. An exciting overseas concert tour to Poland follows, the day after the Spirit of 45 concert event. As mentioned, doctors, nurses, other personnel, faculty and students, and their families and friends may participate.  To Join, click here for our On-line Membership Application .

For additional information and/or questions on travel as MMG performers or companion, call (202) 797-0700, FAX (202) 797-0771 or Write: Medical Musical Group, 1700 17th St, NW, Suite 508, Washington, DC 20009, Email:

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